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Mosquito lake is being drained, and thoughts on Battlestar Galactica and Seduction

Day before yesterday, I came home from work and the police were parked in the lot for unknown reasons (in front of another tenant's door, not mine, thankfully). Today the foul pond is vastly reduced and is being drained. Yesterday, I found a note attached to the door, as all other tenants did, warning us about noise, and to mind all the unsupervised children. I'm glad management noticed that, because there are a suprising number of small children around this complex, and they've been leaving toys all over the place. I get afraid backing up my car, as many of them are just toddlers.

I've been spending my time catching up on all the television I missed through the decades. I've been watching the first episodes of "Battlestar Gallactica." The show in the 70s blew so bad, I considered it unwatchable. The let the idea go fallow for 25 years, rebooted it, and the result is a seriously good drama-- not just a good SF. This is an amazing bit of work, and I'm glad I'm catching up on it. It's marvelous in any way you want to name, writing, directing, acting (usually the downfall of SF). And the story is absolutely epic.

I usually roll my eyes when I see Hollywood produce retreads, and many with ideas that were no good to begin with: "Speed Racer" being the current example. They actually made "Josie and the Pussycats" into a movie? But "BG" had a good concept that was ruined by how it was handled. Apparently, there's something to be said for letting a story go "fallow" for 20 years and then redoing it with a fresh approach. This is now the kind of show you would have never seen on network television in the 70s. It's so dark and serious. The original show was essentially a "Star Wars" ripoff.

The inciting incident in the plot came down to a nerd getting laid, and thereby fucking the entire human race. A ddg woman is sleeping with him and just giving him knowledge that makes people think he's a foremost expert in his field. Wasn't he the least bit suspicious, or did he just think of himself as a stud? How powerful is seduction when it depends on a couple years of pure stupidity in its victim?

Yes, it comes down to that. The sex siren, the seductress, is the antagonist in the early episodes. For most the time she exists as a hallucination, who after destroying the human race, through her feminine wiles, she appears to taunt and tease her victim as a figment of his imagination.

It makes me try to compare it with reality. When I was a youth, I often had my thoughts interrupted by fantasy-- especially when it was time to do homework. The reason was I seldom had a girl friend, no one to focus my desires on. The results were my desires were very generalized.

But has female seduction ever been something so powerful? It is not nearly as powerful as we make it in our fantasies. JFK slept with a Soviet spy, but did he ever turn over information to her? We don't know. But did he even have to? Who was seducing who? A spy sleeping with the POTUS would have had a lot of status at the Kremlin, only till they shot her for being a double agent, that was the Soviet way of doing things.

It's thrilling to fantasize about being seduced by a DDG woman, but the reality is that the Jezebel who brings down nations doesn't happen that often. Outside Biblical stories, which were extremely misogynistic, it just doesn't happen often. The example I could think of was Cleopatra. Helen of Troy might have had the face that launched a thousand ships, but I'd call that a bum rap. She didn't launch anything. If anything, she was probably against them being launched.

Two women I could think of, Catherine the Great and Mary Queen of Scots, probably used seduction often to advance their interests. I have to study them to find out how often it happened compared to how often they fantasized about it happening. Men are usually alert to what the woman wants.

My conclusion: it does happen now and then, but not as frequently as we believe. IMHO, many women of beauty probably are amazed at how their beauty and sex appeal work so much against their interests, causing unwanted attention, ogles, gropings, harassment, suspicions, resentment and downright molestation and rape. And if very beautiful, they are seldom taken seriously in a legit profession.

Often, they struggle to find benefit in their beauty and to feel good about it.

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