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A little more about the apartment.

The people downstairs are throwing another party. It's quieter than the others this weekend, when I was tempted to join them. No, it doesn't bother my sleep. I put the CPAP on and-- put ear plugs in, and it's the best night's sleep imaginable. Course, I might just sleep through the twister or the earthquake if I'm unlucky.

One funny, and mysterious thing that has happened, the woman next door has given birth to a son. The (presumed) father who has been around about every day for the last year.

Here's the embarrassing thing, *I didn't know that she was pregnant!* She about in her mid-20s, a slight pixi-ish blonde. She's 5'3" and can't weigh 120 if that. She said she hid it from people . . .? Pulling my leg, I think to make me feel better? Adopted?

I've had to work my ass off over the holiday with crazy hours. But there's a lull coming up after tomorrow. I have 4 of the next 5 days off. The holiday pay is going to fix my worst financial troubles, that, and I hope, my "stimulus check." It's late. I feel like turning it over to a collection agency. That, and sue my government for negligence and lack of due diligence. Too political . . . going to my other blog.

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