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Mosquito Farm.

I've taken my meds, and I'm waiting to be overwhelmed with sleepiness. Fritz has taken his place between the screen and keyboard and is doing his best to crown the keyboard off. There I just petted him and he got up to check the kitchen.

The apartment complex I'm living in is under "new" management. The new management has decided that we won't be using the pool. Now they didn't announce that, but it's Memorial Day, and the pool shows no sign of being functional, as it always was. Okay so far, it's their property. Now that I remember, the renewed lease didn't mention the pool. I mean, they wouldn't just let the pool sit there for the whole summer, would they?

You bet your bet your barf bag they would. The pool is still full of water, last year's water and covered with a tarp. We've had some heavy rains here. The tarp itself holds its own pool of water. You know where I'm heading with this. You don't keep year-old water under a tarp in a concrete pool, heading into summer.

These particular "landlords" bought this property a year ago in October, they put a new roof and new gutters and some tastless siding on the place (I thought the brick underneath was quite nice.) They announced the place was going condo-- well, you know what happened with the housing market. About Mayof last year, they dropped a note, saying that they had changed their minds. Then in November, they jacked up the rent. Dumpsters were cut from three to two, and every Monday, the trash is overflowing. They also have no on-grounds manager to make sure the rules are being followed. They live two towns over and don't know a thing about the property they have. I called about the breaker box because I was getting renters' insurance and needed the amperage. I was informed the breaker box was in my unit. No, it isn't. It's in the basement-- and nobody has the key to that door in this complex.

These guys are rank amateurs-- speculators who tried to cash in during the housing boom, and instead got caught with their hands in their pants when housing died out. This place wasn't a good candidate for going condo anyway. They are certainly over their heads managing this place, and probably are staggered by the loss the've take, indicated by the rising rent.

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