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I confess I've been fooling around on the side.

My guilty conscience makes me confess where I've been: I've been fooling around with another blog, one about politics. It satisfies me in ways this one cannot. My baser impulses cause me to be attracted to the dirtiest and sleeziest human activity: politics. I tried to turn my mind to purer, healthier things, like the hobby and porn, but they didn't have the thrill. Alas, I'm doomed.

I'll drop the joke now: I won't write about politics here, except as it pertains to the hobby, and I won't write about the hobby there. I really don't want one accidentally echoing the other, and so making a search on the internet that much easier.

Aren't politics something now? I guess we should have known when a Politics Board had to be started on TER. The internet has stimulated political discussion, has accelerated it. Take George Allen, former Senator from Virginia, and his "Macaca" remark. Before the internet, nobody would have gotten it, and it would have died before somebody found out what he could have meant. George Allen was looked upon as future Presidential material. However, within an hour, people were able to do a search on the word, finding out that it's a derogatory, racist term, referring to a species of monkey, and a clearly francophone racist term in Algeria where Allen's mother was raised when it was part of France.

Allen tried to weasal out of it and say that he meant mohawk, because the guy had a mohawk. Then, wouldn't you know, pictures of the guy were immediately available all over the internet showing that his hairstyle resembled a mohawk the way dreadlocks resemble a crew cut.

So, at that moment, a prominent politician, who was Presidential material, destroyed his campaign for re-elction to the Senate. What might have happened prior to the internet, when his racial smear would have been too small and remote to notice?

Politicians can't hide their actions or their past now, not without people being willfully mislead. It forces a certain extra level of accountability to the people.

Unfortunately, I did talk about politics.

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I confess I've been fooling around on the side.

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