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West Texas

Another wonderful gathering at Stately Kwasi Manor. It was wonderful to visit with friends and meet some new ones.

I had the opportunity to ride the train into the city and walk to the party venue with Brush Slinger sharing a few beers and tales along the way. He was excited and a bit nervous not knowing what to expect for the evening. I assured him it would be great and everyone would welcome him as we were walking (and he was asking me every 2 minutes "are we there yet and are you sure you know where your going?"). I let him know all was well and as we walked into Kwasi's I felt a sharp elbow jab my side. I turned and he whispers "do you know who that is? BEBEDOLL, she's a legend". I smiled and told him "not only a legend but exceptionally nice as well". After introductions were made he obviously got comfy and started to mingle working the room like a good politician (shaking hands and kissing babies) all with the bottomless beverage in hand.

On the train ride home we were sharing stories. He remembered a month or so ago I had brought Daphne and Jacqeline to a fish fry in the next over from where I live. He volunteers to cook one Friday per month at the Legion Hall and he was cooking that night when we walked in. After sitting at the bar and eating fish, drinking copious amounts of beverages a crusty verteran comes up to me. "who's your friends?" he asks. I reply "they look familiar?". "Not sure, but they sure are pretty. Dont think they've been in here before". As JT and Daphne are laughing almost falling off their stools and I have beer nearly coming out my nose.

The next evening I return to the Legion and my phone rings. I notice it is my good gal pal friend El Paso ( I nickname many of my friends and her name is in the song elpaso by marty robbins). I pick up the phone and before I can say hello she says "SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH, dont say anything just come meet me, NOW, I need a french lesson" She was at a nightclub in the area attatched to a hotel so I got a room and walked down to the club. After the first three D's of the 4 D's of dating were done (Dinner, Drinks, Dancing). It was time to go back to the room.

This was obviously something she had planned as she had an overnight bag checked with the bellman. Grabbed the bag and retired to the room for the 4th D (Disrobing). I noticed she had set her things out and next to her toiletries there was several sharpies. "What are those for my dear" I asked. She replied "I'm afraid of the dark, dont even think about falling asleep before me" with a big smile on her face. Next thing she says "got the picture?". I replied "OUI"

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Knock on the door with your elbows

An uncle of mine would always tell friends and family they could come over any time they wanted as long as they were knocking on the door with their elbows. Meaning they had something in their hands : a case of beer, platter of food or an armful of coffee cake. Lasts night party reminded me of that concept and put an even bigger than usual grin on my face. Everyone attending added to the fare whether it was food or drink. Not only were new friends made, stories and experiences from the past were shared as well. Also, I do believe new and fond/funny memories were made during the course of the evening. A toast to those that attended the event (in person and in spirit). "Here's to all the good SEX that was shared". Oh,,, one other note to Kat. Thanks for letting me wash your back in the tub.

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Alien Hands

When someone comes into the windsurerdocs doc shop and brings something the result of copulating and propagating and they are more than a little wiggley I tell them a story. I look the youngster right in the eye (5 to 9 yrs old is the best) and say "You know I am a doc and your parents wont tell you this but I will,,,,fingers are like teeth,,,, you have baby fingers and adult fingers,,,, when the baby ones are ready to come out they will start to wiggle and get loose,,, then get a bit of blood around the edges,,,,not to worry though, Mom, Dad, or I will grab on to that digit and yank it right out so the adult finger can grow into its place". I love the look in their eye and the fact they dont move an inch while looking at their fingers (and when the parent calls me recounting the finger puppet nightmares).

When any gal asks me how many other gals i have had the pleasure of being intimate with I hold out my hand and say "Why darling I can count on one hand the number of maidens I have been with'........................"Well it's an alien hand with lots and lots of fingers" smiling impishly,,,,windsurferdoc

See ya'll at the blogers party

Blog posted 06/13/2007 @ 11:32 pm  |  6 Comments  |  Leave a Comment

Put on Your Redwings and Dance

In progress

Blog posted 05/17/2007 @ 03:20 pm  |  2 Comments  |  Leave a Comment



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