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On Marriage Redux ....

Sir Isaac Newton  made one on 07/03/2008 @ 06:58 am

Zin, I think you have put your finger on the pulse. I have been struggling with cause and effect in the demise of the marriage institution, and I believe you have correctly identified the backbone issue. Thanks for that comment.

alenayoursexylatina  made one on 07/03/2008 @ 06:43 am

I think that Gene Simmons said it the best and I believe that I am quoting him correctly. "Marriage is an institution, I am not crazy and do not need to be committed" {Giggles}


Shooter46  made one on 07/02/2008 @ 08:33 pm

I could handle all the up's and down's of my marriage. But what I couldn't handle,was the complete shut down of any communication,and being treated as an outcast in my own home. Extremely expensive,but I'm happy.

Zinaval  made one on 07/02/2008 @ 07:10 pm

I'm often startled by exceptions. I have to admit I've viewed them cynically, but I doubt they can be imitated.

Really, marriages before the romantic era were seen as a family obligation, and they fit tightly into the rest of the social system. It wasn't love, but more the fact that dissolving the marriage was seen as betraying the entire extended family and its interest, and this value kept divorce in check. As individual freedom began to ascend in social value, marriage began to descend, and with that descent, it became more unstable.

It implies that you can't have individual freedom and rock- stable marriages.

Sir Isaac Newton  made one on 07/02/2008 @ 05:29 pm

I do recall this comment from an earlier blog, Jack, and I agree with this point. It doesn’t stop me from believing in marriage as an institution, but I do believe we have established some unreasonable constraints to go hand-in-hand with the institution. For example, I have debated with myself on the pros and cons of fidelity.

Mr. Fisher  made one on 07/02/2008 @ 02:45 pm

I read a comic strip last night, I think it was Monty, that said the way you know that marriage is a mistake is that you have to take an oath, just like when you join the Army.

There's some food for thought there.

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On Marriage Redux

The blogs by Sir Isaac and Rim on relationships led me to recall my entry over a year ago on marriage. I said then:

Marriage as a life-long contract is an Utopian concept. Under any other circumstance, if you ask two people to make some kind of open-ended promise to each other, and to keep this commitment for thirty, forty or more years irrespective of changes in personal interests, individual priorities, emotional states, career demands, financial status, household situations, health conditions, family obligations, outside relationships, and external distractions, they would probably say, “Are you kidding?” But that is precisely what an “ideal” marriage demands.

After some time, most marriages are basically held together by family, social or financial constraints. Those occasional couples who remain truly happy together are very fortunate indeed.

Jack Fengshui

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