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You Know What They Say About Assumptions ....

Leone  made one on 07/02/2008 @ 07:33 pm

Sid, you’d be surprise how people assume things, especially in health care. Funny story, the people you described, I refer to as “prop people” meaning their possession’s are their props since the personality is usually very lacking. I don’t know what it is, but people get very weird about money, meaning they get so fixated on who has what, & that’s including the “haves“.

There was an 85 y/o M patient who tested positive for syphilis my staff thought the samples were mixed, b/c they can’t imagine an 80+ aged person getting a disease of that nature. In Florida it’s a neck & neck race b/t the teens & the senior citizens for the new infection cases. I can’t forget 1 in 4 NY’ers are positive for the herpes virus, talk about increasing your risk of exposure & second thinking my play area. Of all the infections to contract, herpes is the one that freaks me out the most, it’s almost like walking around with a Scarlet Letter.

Missandrette, when I have encounters hobby & outside for the most part I stick to what I call the “Pretty Woman Rules” nothing doesn’t touch me unless covered by latex & a no kissing maybe on the cheek or if I’m comfortable I’m known for my Eskimo kisses. So for the most part when I screen myself there isn’t the nervous panic that some may have. I take that back, the situation last month did have me concerned for a moment, I will admit.

Good Luck with your job search Sidney. :)

missandrette2  made one on 07/02/2008 @ 01:09 am

Oh well I guess she's going to know that you're a monger. LOL. In fact, among the over-45s sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have doubled in under a decade. Risk-taking is cited as the factor. Keep putting your mouth places where you shouldn't and kissing those who do CIM with strangers on a weekly, if not daily basis. Do you really think you won't eventually catch something? And they said GFE was a good thing. Silly suckers!

sidneysweet  made one on 07/01/2008 @ 11:45 pm

I am reminded of a conversation I had not so long ago with a friend who was talking about a girl in her office bragging that her boyfriend was getting a BMW that week and how she would get to drive it. My friend found it annoying. I said, "Well, that is great that he is getting a Beamer, but what she needs to realize is that it will be his, not hers. She needs to get her own if she likes them that much because when he is gone there will be no Beamer."

Ha! I use to know this guy who wanted to take me out. That never happened because he was always wanting to make sure I knew he had some sort of luxury car. I cannot even remember what it was now. Anyway, I said to him multiple times, "Why are you always pointing out what kind of car you have? Does not help me out any. It is not mine so I do not care about it." LOL It was very annoying. He finally went on his way. Guess he thought all he brought to the table was a nice car.

Really surprised a doctor said that. She ought to know that STI's do not discriminate. You never know what someone is doing in their private life no matter how good you think you know them.

Leone  made one on 07/01/2008 @ 10:42 pm

Even though I accept the risks of my lifestyle & also this hobby as well, I still want to maintain my negative status. By the laws of averages I try my best to protect myself & more importantly my SO. I got into a conversation w/ a lady who is a real health care professional as well & she seems perplexed on how some put their health at risk. By the end of that talk she stated she only tests herself only twice a year. I mentioned to her about her own health concerns & testing doesn’t seem to match. I guess each his own.

Jack Fengshui  made one on 07/01/2008 @ 07:13 pm

If you do monthly screening, you are a much more responsible hobbyist than I am.

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You Know What They Say About Assumptions

People who get so caught up w/ labels & the social hierarchies of mainstream America really compel me to say "it's not all that", but some people like to covet status or align themselves w/ people they think can give them some sort of self-esteem boost. If I gave those a bop on the head of reality, they still won't change. Even some in this community get caught up in the old label game. I laugh to myself when I'm in session & a lady rattles off the professions of her client base. I once said in a session to a lady, associating yourself with mensa members doesn't make you a mensa member", that didn‘t go over to well LOL.

What you do, isn't who you are, well a healthy person would think so. For the next new person I meet who's a label fiend, as a joke I'm going to check the occupation as a garbage collector & see how well that goes. When you die it doesn't matter what you have or how many shiny things you possess, at the end of the life cycle you can't take it w/ you. I almost lost my train of thought for this entry, I guess I'm still affected about Sunday's meaning & the whole big scheme of life & death. During your last hours of life what one would consider of value vs. materials.

This morning it was that monthly thing I hate to do, but I must as responsible participant in an open lifestyle and that's STI screening. As much as I hate needles, even though I have tattoos myself, monogamy looks more appealing on that aspect. I usually go to my usual anonymous testing site, but I wasn't in the mood to see dudes give PDA to one another. I'm not intolerant, but I believe in everyone having a right to express their choice of lifestyle, but when my saturation meter is full, I exercise my choice to avoid the blatant.

I opted for my test to be handled by my doctor since I've known her since I was a teenager so she is like family. I didn't explain, but I just casually asked for a screening. She seemed perplexed & couldn't figure out why I would need a screening. And I looked perplexed by her ignorant response. Before I could say anything, she said you don't need to be screened, you come from a good family, you aren't part of a high risk group.

For a second, I thought I was transplanted back to the early 80's during the AIDS epidemic. First I teased her for the compliment by saying she must doesn't read the newspaper or watch the news for the "good family" remark. I politely explained diseases don't discriminate on class. She seemed offended by me correcting her thinking. I know the nerve of me a health care professional correcting a doctor. I will always say what I think & will never backed down even when bruising egos in the process. Just like family after our mini debate we hugged & said goodbye. I guess finding objectivity is hard to maintain when you have family &acquaintances integrated in a support system.


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