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Prostate Area

I have to tell ya. I never ever dipped in to that erotica, however the other day a girl asked if I would just let her try and I said ok with major hesitation. It actually felt awesome !!!

I know for a fact that I would never let a man play in the forbidden horizon, however wow I had a great sensation and she enjoyed the fantasy. Of course she let me play too. Just wondering if anyone else realized what an erotica that is ???

Like I said, no flippin way a man is puttin the club in the hole, but a lady can with a wink and a smile........ I guess the prize was letting me return the favor and her giant smile of being the first YIKES !!

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Dating in the 21st century

2007 dating is awful !! I have been on a select few dates and these girls truly need to get over the past and move on in life !! Ok, I understand you were married to an idiot, well I am not so get over it. Than of course, I am not unattractive and I can carry a conversation and I am good in bed, sooooooooooooo the next response is, hmmmmmm why arent you attached ?? (Or as Seinfeld would say, I am gay. NOt THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT LOL)

Well, could it be that ya finally found a decent man and you dont know what to do with me !!!!! Heck, even my "girl" friends tell me about all their drama and men cheating and not listening etc. Maybe it is time for me to be an escort Sheez !!!

Im taking applications for a girl friend. Occupation known and I can live with that HA !!

Ladies, tell me it is like that on your end too pleeeeeeezzzzz !!!!

Men can chime in on this one too............

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Toilets n Cell Phones !!

I am at a baseball game the other day and I am seeing a stupid epidemic. This moron is taking a leak in a urinal next to me, of course it was packed so I had to pee next to someone ugh !!!

This idiot is talking on the phone and taking aim at the same time. Have we as a society become that addicted to our cell phones that we have to look important even when we pee ??

I am really starting to think the "SHEEPLE" of the world are messed up and I am one of the only survivors left who understand etiquette and common courtesy. I was in line in a Starbucks and this jag bag was acting important and got mad at the order taker for disrupting him. I wanted to smack the phone out of his hand or better yet, take it to the bathroom and pee on it while the person was on the other line !!!


PS I am so mad at traffic yesterday and I wish I couldve met my blog buddies !!!

Blog posted 06/22/2007 @ 09:00 am  |  4 Comments  |  Leave a Comment

Cat in the corner

I was at a meet n greet charity event last night and it is so neat to see all the different personalities in the room. I saw a handful of people work the room and socialize and meet new people. Than I saw several who stayed in their own little world and welcomed strangers with a sense of a cat in the corner.

I am one who loves to work the room because I love people. I am such a people watcher and I always made it my goal to approach the ones who look like cats in a corner, because they always seem to be the ones who carry some of the most intelligent conversations.

My next goal is to see how these personalities relate behind close doors and see if they are similar. Some reason I think the cat in the corner people will amaze you behind close doors. They question is, can they perform as well as the social butterfly types ??

THE SEARCH IS ON......................

Blog posted 06/20/2007 @ 10:59 am  |  2 Comments  |  Leave a Comment


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