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The Art of Flirting....

While hobbying can be a rather...uh...well....nice hobby, there is an art that is somewhat lost in the whole process.....flirting. Yes, while it is true that providers and clients can flirt with one another, there are aspects of flirting that perhaps lose a bit of zest because the end is rather more predictable.

I have recently met a fine lady in the civie world. Our flirting has recently ratcheted up a notch and I have been reminded of the wonderful aspects of flirting with someone just for the sake of fliritng. No 'intimacy' is promised, nothing guaranteed. And yet the possibilities are still there. This places more importance on not just flirting or not, but how flirting is done. It must be subtle enough to not put on too much pressure, but strong enough to be alluring. I'd think this is different for different people and in different contexts. But it is enjoyable all the same. And when the right intensity of flirting is found among two people at the right time, the fun can really begin.

We have reached a point where both of us look forward to the flirting in similar fashions. Too dangerous to pursue further, yet too erotic to stop altogether...a wonderful balance....

....i wonder if the balance will ever get out of kilter and, if so, which way it will lean......

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