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Being Single

do you ever wonder if some people are meant to be alone,I mean never be involved in a relationship that works.I have tried multiple times and they have all failed and it is about to the point why try if it is going fail and cause the pain and heart ache that goes with yet another failed attempt......

Being alone can be trying at times........but you have to learn and accept solitude and the learn to enjoy the times you have alone.

The biggest adjustment is meals......eating alone is really no fun.....so you eat only out of necessity and not for the enjoyment that comes with meals.

But at my age I have pretty much decided that I will be alone so acceptance is the key.........

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My 1st 3some.................

Guys,if you have never done this you must try it at least once in your life while you are still young enough to enjoy it.

I wont go into all the jucicy details here but will give a overview.

they were both blonde petite and they are lovers and one of them had a barbell piercing and OMG that was a first and wow did the young lady know how to make feel good.

And for those whom have yet to try this,there is nothing greater than a young hottie in your face and the other astride you(you get the picture)

Then they did this thing where they kissing in a old fashion missionary with me behind them.not only was the view of all this womanly treasures incredible,the choices were almost mind boggling of where to find warmth and wetness for my little freind.

Needless to say while it may have been my first it will not be my last.

If the young ladies who were there read this THANK YOU SO MUCH

I do want a return engagment


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Jenna Haze

I stumbled on to her on youporn.

She has got to be the hottest woman in porn today.

She is about 22-24...small peky breasts,and she loves anal and talks dirty.What else could you want in a woman...other than access to her (you hope) VERY large bank account.

Not a big porn guy,like a little plot and most porn is so stupid if the are not having sex you cant stand to watch it so painful.And dont you love the old voice overs where the moans and lines dont match up with the action on the screen.

Any way back to Jenna,love her little body and she does something different....(yea besides taking huge ones up the ass) she looks into the camera and talks dirty like she is talking to you sitting on the couch.

I am going to start a new porn collection and yes it will be Jenna

As of right now she does not offer any escourt service that I can find but I am going to start a savings account with her in mind so IF SHE does I can get a sniff of that really cute butt and so on and on.

she has her own website but I am to cheap to join but damn it is tempting.

so as always play safe...................saber

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Few quick notes

Hey I am finally back..try to b little more active have many topics to touch on

Baseball has started

I had my 1st threesome

I am going to my 1st social

so more later after get all my thought together


Blog posted 05/08/2008 @ 07:10 pm  |  1 Comment  |  Leave a Comment


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