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Having a Blast!

WOW, In the last month,I've done so many thing's I never dreamed I would,let alone enjoy doing them. I use to hate shopping. In the last month I've done alot of it. New couch ,love seat, coffee table,a new bed,of course all the item's it take's to set up an temporay home. I even shop for grocery's. I'm cooking,washing dish's,vacuming,dusting,changing sheet's on my bed. Some of you may laugh but these are thing's I've never done before. Oh I know before long I'll get tired of doing some of these thing's. Of course at that point I'll switch to plan B. But for now I'm enjoying it.

I sure enjoy comming and going as I please. I'm working on managing,my work responsibnlity's. Trying to limit most of the meeting's to a couple day's week. I used to love going to my office,but now I don't need it as the hide away. It's defintly differnt having this freedom. Don't think I'll ever give it up.

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