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I'm pretty lucky in that I knew both my grandfather's. Both very special men even though one died when I was 12. I still remember doing alot of neat stuff with him, some of being not for the faint of heart. But growing up on a livestock farm you see alot that. He'd even intervene on my be-half with my Dad when I was in trouble. He was a man with a plan. Even his own funeral was planned by him. The song's he wanted,to the pallbearer's. He had 5 grandson's,we were to be his pallbearer's,but it was decided we weren't big enough. I'm still upset over that decision made so long ago. I so loved him and all the time he spent with me. I was given his watch,to remember him. The only time I ever saw my dad cry was at his funeral. One lone tear. I remember that so vivbly.

I never relized what my mother's father did for his grandkids until his funeral. My cousin gave his eulogy. The horse tank in the back yard full of mino's every spring. It was fun trying to catch them by hand. To the play house's he built for all the girl's. The basketball backboard's he built for the grandson's. The hour's he spent showing you how to use hand tool's and there proper care. Every spring he'd show up wanting cattle manure for his garden. He'd tell me the dry stuff,because he didn't want to be run out of town by the smell of the wet. His favorite saying was (Close enough for the country) by that he meant,maybe it wasn't quite perfect but close enough. Proably the biggest gift he gave me was advice. He worked for the local power company for 42 yrs. He was paid every two week's. He had a 25 dollar saving's bond taken out of each check. The value of those bond's over a 42 year period,was amazing. Granted there proably are alot better investment's,but his point to me was,it add's up. I was a pallbearer at his funeral. I felt honored I knew him.

Why this blog about granfather's? Well rumour has it in October I will be a granfather. I think I want to be a combination of my Granfather's,with my grandkids. I have so much I want to do with them. Definitley one of life's bright spot's.

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