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Gift's or Tip's ?

I'm not really the right person's that should be writing this blog. My mind far out think's my ablity to write. But I'm willing to give it a shot.

Being involved in the hobby for quite a few year's,I really thought I had a pretty good handle on the do's and don't's. I think for the most part,at least in my own mind,I haven't stepped across the line in thinking there was more to it.

I recently had a very long conversation,with a provider I'm pretty close too. Most of the conversation pertained to gift's,and that some gentlemen,seem to want to included the cost of gift as part of the compensation. As she pointed out,it's not that she doesn't appreciate the gift,but it should never be considered part of the compensation. As most lady's her first prority is the fee. She would much rather have the cost of the gift as a tip. I know this doesn't fit everyone's thinking. I thought it might be helpfull to all of us in the hobby,to get opion's from both the gentlemen and the Lady's. I'm not a great gift giver, although I have given tip's in the past,proably not often enough. What would be a fair tip 10,15,20 percent? If a gentleman has booked a mutipul hour meeting should that same percentage apply?

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