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Amplifying thoughts to Mr. Fisher's Blog

Regarding his joy and wonderment in a relationship he had many years ago, with a provider - and a recent joyous meeting.

Regardless of the "norm" or, "sound advice to both Ladies and Gents in these business relationships" or, the concept of only interested in you when you are "on the clock"; for many of us, strong friendships develop. Perhaps, it is the intimacy of the moments we've shared; perhaps it is the charm each of us see in each other - but, like normal adults - we can pretty much develop friends anywhere.

I think, many of us who blog are fortunate in this manner. It could be our openess, our usual friendly (dare I say humorous) nature - but, it is something. I am so extremely fortunate to have developed a number of these relationships. Each is, perhaps, on a totally different plane (some Ladies are retired, others I don't get to see as frequently as before, others are younger, and see different things in me - (oh, I hope not) - a father figure, somebody who is interested in their burning desire, somebody who helps explore boundaries, adds thoughts, etc. Yes, I believe I am a helper, and when you have learned to fully give of yourself (within bounds, I am not going to be a "puppy dog""heads and tails over love" any more, nor am I looking for a life mate), people respond like friends, when it is something they enjoy also.

Congratulations, Mr. Fisher, on this treasured relationship (and if I had to guess, would bet on there being many similar others for you).

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