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A Different Kind of First

People who have known me over the last 2-3 years, realize how much I now focus on the positive. I have recognized that one has a choice, each morning, whether to grumble, be unhappy - and spread that discontentment around to all who are near them that day; or find something happy, beautiful, or positive to focus on. Even the smallest thing, even a memory. As one EB blogger mentioned recently, look at nature around you - there is so much beauty there.

Before I am "outed", from whence I know not - I'm going to fess up to the other bloggers. I had an appointment today, with one of my favorite Ladies. We had been planning this escapade (read "escape from reality") for over 2 years, but just couldn't get our schedules to sychronize at the right time.

The session was, as expected, a thing of beauty (at least in my mind!). The setting was certainly unique. There were a number of times we both were in ecstasy at the same time. I believe I showed her some things, she didn't expect - and in return I was rewarded with some lessons of her own. You see, she is a professional expert, in areas where I have not previously trod. The day could not have cooperated more - with the bright sunshine, meadows, dark glens, fresh air, heat and coolness, at respective appropriate times. The fragrance that surrounded us, was overwhelmingly sweet. Every time we would turn, there was another beautiful thing to explore.

How could all of this be? And why is he discussing meadows and dark glens? Was this an outdoor romp? No, we walked and walked the paths of a great park. She charmed me with her delight and knowledge of every growing thing we came across. We would peer around a corner, and you could almost hear her squeal from the new discovery, of a different part of the garden or a specimen, unlike others she had seen. This site, happens to be one of the "Seven Wonders of Illinois"! She had not previously been here, since she is from a different state. The original sculptures were like few other locations in the Western World. The symmetry (of the formal gardens) was as dynamic as the sculpted luscious body of a naked woman. An amazing day, with an amazing woman - who absolutely stretched me, beyond my limit - with her passion (and being considerate at the same time). I would like to believe, the memories of today, will last in each other's minds, perhaps, far longer, than another session at the motel - regardless of what new adventures might there be found.

And yes, there was no sex involved - other than the pure magnetism of her beauty, and vibrant personality. There was no touching - or at least little beyond casual brushing. We knew as we had that single open kiss in the car, as I dropped her off - that truly today, we had been intimate with each other, in a way few others will ever connect. Was this old fool stupid for booking the time to be used in this manner? I guess it is a matter of opinion. But, from my positive perspective, I now know this Lady intimately, like others might only hope to. She taught me some magnificent lessons, and I (think), I allowed her to have a wonderful afternoon. Isn't that about the same - as another type of session? Don't those of you with a burning passion in a specific area - delight, in the opportunity to share it with somebody?

Yep, I count this "date", as another unique success.

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