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Secret Diaries

Ok, I'm hooked. It's probably only the British accent, huh? Will be on Showtime (per current posts) this Spring/Summer. Am told some of our "own" reviewed some prior episodes of this British TV 2007 Fall, 1st Season (to see if realistic, and whether it would "play" in the U.S.). The interview with them (panel) - apparently appears in the May/June 08 issue of Radar magazine. I guess I'm going to have to go to the news stand to pick up an issue - because that interview is not on-line.

Oh, yeah. What am I talking about? "Secret Diaries of a Call Girl". I've watched the first season, 8 episodes - and gotten a few others addicted, already (and it's been less than 12 hours!). lol. Actually, am told this is based upon the "book" Belle's Diaries (Belle de jour).

Whew, pretty realistic in spots. Seemingly, quite frank. Just wonder sometimes - if a few of those "professional approaches" highlighted in the episodes; are games played on me? Or, yet to be played on me? I almost tried to prohibit one individual from watching - because I didn't want to have even more played on me! But, then I said, this person could probably write the sequel, anyway.

There is one "preparation technique", that when shown (I am not going to mention it here) - practically caused me to wake the SO, due to breaking out laughing so hard! (but, has that been done to me?, lol).

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