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Memorial Day - Part 2

I ran out of energy on Monday, to do what I had desired to do. After my ceremonies in the morning - I got it in my mind, that I needed to visit a VA hospital, or an IL Vet's home. I was going to make the 3 hour trip (one way) to do so - to just visit with some lonely Vet, who had no family visiting him/her. But, the day, here, and the weekend events, overcame my constitution - so I wasn't able.

However, consider (particularly those who are closer to one of these facilities) - doing so, maybe once a month. The Vet will have an acknowledgement that somebody cares - and I can guarantee, you will feel better about yourself, once you have done it. An hour, would be less than 1/2 a percent of your time that month.

I, personally, am ashamed of myself, that a local Vet (non-career) that I know - who constantly hands me kudos for what I did, and belittles what he did - does such a fine job of this - I'd say, once a week. And I look at my miserable performance in this arena - and - - - - kick myself. I know I can do better. Keep the conversation/attitude positive for the Vet. I know it would be a help to me, if somebody from the Nation I protected were there in my last days - saying "Thank you", before that bugle plays.

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