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Some of my thoughts this Memorial Day

This morning, as I got up early for other events, I remembered that I needed to put my flag up, for this special day. Of late, I've had a few medical complications (not associated with my major problem) that make it pretty difficult for me to walk, move certain ways, breathe, or lift some things (for a period of time). The style of flagpole I use, telescopes into lower sections, so once, the flag is connected, one must lift that section of pole till, it newly locks into the lower section. You need to do this about 3 times, with the last section being pretty heavy to lift. I had a contraption on the hooks, left from last winter, which was sort of stubbornly locked within the clips - and would require me try and disconnect it (not an easy task) while holding my hands above my shoulders, and stretching. The flag itself, was in a difficult location to retrieve. It was raining, and that cold dampness would be particularly risky for my medical condition.

Any of these excuses, individually, would create (perhaps) "pardonable" excuses. Taken together, in my condition, one would likely understand if I forewent this display this year.

But, as I contemplated not performing my task - I said what! a little rain, a little pain? My choice. Those men and women that we are honoring today - didn't have a choice whether their death occurred in sun, rain, or snow. They didn't have a choice whether their death occurred on a mountain or a beach; in a forest, or in a swamp. They didn't have a choice, whether they died alone, or in the midst of comrades, or in a hospital with helpful, but, unsuccessful hands. No, they were there serving their duty - and their fate was determined.

My flag was raised before I went off to other obligations.

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