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Common Sense vs. Cuteness

There have been a number of post threads and blogs written of late, about the negative individual, who disrupts the Board. While equally frustrating, I don't intend to pursue that "negativity" with this blog, although it is a related topic.

Rather, I am amazed by how some guys, just "don't get it" (unfortunately, for them - that may be the story of their life). I know of too many posts, where somebody is challenging the existence of a provider, since they never can manage to set up an appointment. They then, not only say nasty personal things about the Lady, but, also challenge how any fool reviewer could have been so blind. Maybe then, the reviews aren't real, or are self generated by the Lady. Fortunately we bloggers, as a tighter knit group, seem to have avoided this type of logic regression. Also, I am not suggesting any of the Gentlemen on our blogger board - fit the discussion, below.

Where are these guy's common sense? Don't you suspect, if you have made valid attempts to schedule with the Lady - and be accomodating, that if she still "can't see you", maybe there is something else in play here? Do you really think, those nasty emails, to that provider - don't become reasonably common knowledge "behind the scenes"? Do you believe, the only people contacted about your references, are just those who you list - and not other friendly Ladies who know that particular geographic location? How do you think those Ladies react to posts you've made on Boards, in the past - with all your venom in them? Do you really think all these acts, serve to enhance your possibilities of getting an appointment, with Ladies you'd really like to? Don't you realize there may be some repercussions, with a totally new, travelling Lady, from these events you initiated "a while ago" - and your ability to schedule with them? Do you believe these types of acts constitute "cuteness" or "cleverness" in turning a word - with your fellow posters? What kind of crowd are you hanging with? How have you survived in this lifetime - without a smidgen of common sense?

No, my conjecture, is not only that these guys were behind the door when brains were handed out, somebody opened that door too far, too hard - and damaged their goods.

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