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Can you believe she said this?

This is a legitimate real-life dialogue. One of those ones, where you say, afterward, did this really happen?

Lady was assisting her lady friend who was recovering from a broken hip, to go to the doctor's office. While at the doctor's office the friend was told she needed to build up her muscle tone a little better. The recommended theropy was to take a medium size ball, and squeeze it between the knees.

Upon coming out of the Doctor's office, she asked the driver if she would mind stopping by (xyz) store - so she could get a ball, as recommended. As they went through the store - all they could locate was a ball the size of a baseball. So, the driver went off searching for an employee, to ask if they had any others.

She rounded an aisle, and saw a guy stocking the shelves. So she asked him: "Do you have large balls?"- - - - - - - The guy, after gulping a moment, said, well, I'm only the Little Debbie driver. Let me see if I can find a store employee, who can help you with your request - as the Lady started turning 50 different shades of red.

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