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Ted is Ded

Not the cool one who blogs here but the subGreyhound of the skys.UALs low class carrier was afailure from day one but in the eyes of the leadership(?) was a success since they could fill all the seats with greyhound rejects.

The sort of business school thinking that thought it was okay to lose a little on each sale since they could make it up in volume.

There is another blog just below this one also lamenting the sad state of the industry and their contest to see who could reach the bottom of the barrel first.Now that they all see the hand of the grim reaper up close panic has set in.The bubble has burst loudly for the newest entrants JetBlue and Virgin America.They thought time was on their side as they expanded with deep discount Airbus aircraft and cherry picking profitable routes from the majors while demanding heavy subsidies to serve smaller cities.VA even demanded free gates and slots at Ohare like JetBlue since Midway wasn't hip enough for them.

Sadly i remember travel not even 20 years ago when coach was better than the current domestic first class.

My finest trip was on a hard day trying to return from denver the longway and getting stuck in Frisco.They found me a seat to Portland and i ended in First back to Chicago.UAL used to have Red Carpet Service (tm),don't know if you can recall it but the service was like a top dollar restaurant. Fresh salad made at your seat.I had freshly carved roast beef ,baked potato and vegtables from the menu of many choices.Then desert and a sunday made just for me.Free drinks and movie plus a wakeup snack and hot towels just before descent into chicago.

I know the prices will be rising among the survivors but still it's great to see the end of the doublewide in the sky.

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That's Hedly

The Man that used his mouth purdier than a twenty dollar whore has left us.

Thinking back to the double meanings on the Carol Burnett show and movies that could never be remade in this PC century.Imagine calling someone a Teutonic Twat nowadays.so many classic lines in Blazing saddles it would take a whole website to quote them all.

No one could play a pompous asshole and have you believe it like Harvey Korman.I think until i saw a PBS masters show on Carol Burnett i never really saw the real talent and Harvey as a great guy.She gave him a lot of credit for her success and helping the carrers of the other players.

Anyway i'm going to breakout Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein to watch the Snide upstaging behind the scenes provocatuer .From Super Snidely Whiplash to the Hick of Mamas Family he did cover a lot of characters.

Thanks to modern technology i will be able to stop and freeze-frame ogle governor LePetamanes secretary as intently as Harvey did.

Blog posted 05/29/2008 @ 11:08 pm  |  2 Comments  |  Leave a Comment

Tastes like Chicken

Funny posts on chicago CL on the Query why did the chicken cross the road.

See if you find the one submitted by our own Silk.


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The weather is here wish you were beautiful.

Has to be one of my favorite Buffet song titles.I'm going to miss you guys and all the ladies who are beautiful tonight.

Truck with issues and just too much snow to get around.I'm waiting for spring so i can ride the old bike anyhow.

Seems it was just last saturday that the rodent in Gobblers Knob northwest of here predicted winter was almost over.This snow storms are just like being in Groundhog Day - Bury and melt again and again.

With all the slush that fell the last day i'm hoping they used the groundhog square in Woodstock to pile it and bury the lil bastard and his stump.

Well at least the movie eventually has a happy ending " so i got that going for me ".

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