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I wish everyone a happy holiday. I get tired of everybody saying how important family is, but come Thanksgiving I always remember what it means to me and I feel a touch less cynical and bit less bitter.

All in all, life is good and now is time to remeber that.

Again, best wishes.

Blog posted 11/19/2007 @ 10:40 pm  |  2 Comments  |  Leave a Comment

some weeks

I really prefer staying positive rather than whining.

I am sure that those whose jobs seem more regular have seasons as well, but the ebb and flow of the school year always suprises me in different way each year.

Why do I always seem tired eariler and eariler in the semester?

The difficulty has always been the lack of reinforcement. Sometimes, the light goes on and the student gets it. Unfortunately, when or if they ever get it, graduation has come and gone. Few ever return to pass along a "good job" or such.

Every so often I let the funk go where it goes and keep plugging away.

So, when you get the chance, thank someone whose influence often goes unnoticed.

Thank you to all my teachers, who are probably not reading this . . . .

Blog posted 11/05/2007 @ 04:06 pm  |  3 Comments  |  Leave a Comment


The crisp air. The falling leaves.

Sure beats this year's tv far. I would really love to see snow for the World Series. The school year is in stride, but already a wave of ennui filters its way through the corridors.

Fall refreshes as a golf ball carries in the light breeze before landing softly on the aerated green.

And somewhere around Halloween, before winter comes, life gets a bit too serious. This probably explains why we need this holiday as well as Dia de los Muertos.

Blog posted 10/23/2007 @ 07:46 pm  |  2 Comments  |  Leave a Comment


I saw the blog about the fondling dentist and thought I'd pass along my most recent mental wandering.

I am usually relatively conservative in my sexual fantasies; however, I spent my most recent detal visit trying to figure out how to arrange some extracurricular activity. Of course, it could never happen at my dentist's office, as all of the hygenists are happily committed. But there was something about the exposure (beyond the bib) that made me wish someone were a bit lower occupying other parts of me.

Then, occasionally, the water would splash to that part behind the teeth that a good deep French kiss reaches and tickles one all over.

Then, the doctor comes in and tells me that one of fillings has cracked and that I'll be back in a couple of weeks for some more work, and I remembmer why I usually do not fantasize about being there. I will get numb and be forced to spit.

In the meantime, perhaps providers should pack a little bit of floss and be ready to remind me to brush after eating out.

Blog posted 10/16/2007 @ 06:15 pm  |  3 Comments  |  Leave a Comment



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