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A sublime pleasure

Yesterday I got a phone call from a woman I had met as a provider nearly twenty years ago. She was visiting the area and wanted to get together for a visit.

We kept up a provider/client relationship until about three years ago when she moved away from the area, but as we were so close, we always called and wrote each other from time to time.

She is no longer a provider, but we enjoy each other's company very much. We had a wonderful outdoor meal in Boston and then drove to a nearby beach where we walked hand in hand along the boardwalk and enjoyed a spectacular summer's evening.

Is there a more treasured joy?

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My debut

So after months of practice, here I was seated in the living room at the keyboard Bev had bought for me last year for Hanukkah. The audience was only my mom and Bev, but that was quite enough.

The piece was Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, first movement. It is not the most difficult piece there is, but challenging nevertheless.

I dug right in and ten minutes later, having hit more than a few clunkers I held the final chord down and looked up at Bev to rousing cheers.

The moment I had anticipated/dreaded all these months had past.

Now on to movement II, easier but still with five flats.

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How many days are there in a life where

your youngest graduates from high school?

Between her and her older brother I've been getting them up at 6:30 every school morning for the last sixteen years.

How does one change that behavior?

Well, she just got accepted at her first choice school which, given her grades, proves that miracles do happen.

There will still be four years of tuition bills to remind me that I am a parent, but after that?

I just wanted to share this milestone.

I'm one proud papa.

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The end of air travel

A major airline just announced that it would end all direct flights from Boston to the west coast.

I've no doubt that other airlines will follow suit.

The golden age of airtravel ended over twenty years ago, the silver age about ten years ago. We had been in the bronze age; welcome to the stone age.

There was a time about fifty years ago when if you suggested that trains would be passe, you'd be riddiculed.

So, what is next?

The world seems to be becoming a stranger and distant place.

Blog posted 06/04/2008 @ 07:49 pm  |  6 Comments  |  Leave a Comment


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