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H U G E I N D U S T R Y N E W S ! ! !

From today's NY Times:


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TER is Protecting Certain Agencies on the New York Board

We all know that the "free speech" mantra is total bullshit on TER. Afterall, the boards are moderated. Moderation might be necessary but it allows the moderators (and TER's owner) to control what is posted - even if the post has nothing to do with a legitimate reason.

Case in point - someone complained that their (negative) post on the Aphrodite agency did not show up. And the tainted moderator Dingus15 feigns that the poster needs to be more specific. Remember that this is the same moderator who was on duty when the infamous Jason Itzler and his agency had free reign of the NY board!!!

Here's the link

I know for a fact that the TER owner Dave Elms has extorted freebies from Aphrodite and other agencies. If they don't comply, he won't allow reviews of thier ladies to be posted and they can't post on the board.

Here's the facts...

I saw one of Aphrodite's ladies (she no longer works there) and during some preliminary chit chat she volunteered that her reviews were removed from TER. She was a new provider and I had noticed that she had two stellar reviews that were removed before I saw her. I noticed because the reviews were why I called her.

She said that Dave Elms required a freebie from her to allow reviews of her to go up. She also mentioned that Aphrodite's owner periodically flew to LA to give Dave Elms freebies. It was not clear whether the Aphrodite's owner or one of her ladies actually gave the freebie. I suspect it was the latter.

Please note that this is not an indictment of Aphrodite. They are just paying the entry price and it's a cost of business.

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Julie Is Out

I wanted to link this thread from the Utopia Guide about Julie being a free person as of recently. Actually, I've linked the NY board which has a thread labelled "Julie get out of prison".


Blog posted 04/29/2007 @ 12:16 pm  |  1 Comment  |  Leave a Comment

Hacking TER...

As many of you know, I was banned from TER.

But it's easy to get back in [evil laugh]. I've been visiting their chat rooms and rousing the locals as of late [eviler laugh].

For most people who are banned, their TER handle is just marked as banned. You can just rejoin using another handle. Simplie as pie.

The best way to do this is to first erase the browser cookie that TER places on your machine.

Browser cookies are just files placed by websites on your machine to save information for later use (e.g. your TER handle will show up on the login page the next time you visit TER).

For Internet Explorer users, cookies are kept here: C:\Documents and Settings\Ralph\Cookies where Ralph is the login name of the person's PC account. The TER cookie will be a file with a name like Ralph@www.theeroticreview. Just delete that file.

It's interesting to look at the file using the Wordpad application.

More on this later...

As always you can email me at my displayed email with any comments or questions.

Blog posted 04/22/2007 @ 11:03 am  |  3 Comments  |  Leave a Comment


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H U G E I N D U S T R Y N E W S ! ! !

TER is Protecting Certain Agencies on the New York Board

Julie Is Out

Hacking TER...

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