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My Fantasy 4hand Sensual Massage

Thnk of this as the clinical footnote laden followup to the very "touching" recent blog on touch.

Every hobbyists favorite fantasy is a session with two providers. It deliciouslly breaks so many of our culture's sexual taboos.

There is also a bit of a trend for FS providers to also offer sensual massage only sessions usually at a slightly reduced rate to friends and clients who find that satisfying.

Of course there are also ASPs (Adult Service Providers) who offer only sensual massage - but is is often difficult to know just what is on the menu.

My current fantasy, here in my isolated "Iowa" retirement, is to combine two providers with a sensual massage as follows:

1. It is always nice if the providers are topless and waring only "sexy" panties. This maximizes the visual aspect of the sensual stimiulation.

2. Therapeutic massage requires a psychological distance (noninvolvement) between the provider and the recipient. Sensual massage on the other hand should be a way of enjoying and building upon a relationship between the providers and the recipient.

3. This is unusual, but in-line with 2 above: Begin the massage with the recipient seated upright and facing the providers (see 1 above) and have the massage concentrate initially on the scalp, face, and neck - some inviting smiles and deep eye gazing would be nice, maybe even some ear blowing. Possibly no massage oil needed for this stage.

4. Recipient now lies face down and both providers massage entire back of body Possibly from neck down to buttocks, then from feet up both legs. Traditionally this would all be done with massage oil - but an alternative would be to begin with silk gloves or even fur (see the nice Wickipedia atricle on Fur Massage) over the whole area then moving to oil massage. My preference would be that both providers work the same portion at the same time, splitting right and left halves. Somewhere along with the oil massage, fingernail tease is very stimulating and effective. This portion should end with a lot of play with the buttocks and near the anus (lots of pleasure nerves there). Some providers manage to get the boobs involved somewhere at this stage.

5. If prostate massage were on the menu (which it often isn't) it could be done at this point quite possibly using latex glove (condoms for the fingers!). Some heavy duty anal lube is likely needed. (See the very detailed and graphic Vibereview article titled Prostate Stimulation Guide - found as an external link at the end of the Wickipedia Prostate Massage article) Prostate massage can also be incorporated into the big finale (see below). I didn't know until recently that the prostate is the source of the cum fluid (in contrast to the little wigglers that come from the testes) so prostate massage can set the stage for ejaculation. To some extent the prostate can also be stimulated by pressure on the "Taint", the skin between the scrotum and the anus. There is also a medical term for taint starting with a p which I can't remember - taint supposedly derives from "Taint your balls and taint your asshole".

6. Time to flip over. Now we're back in visual stimulation land. Be sure the recipient's head is propped up for full view of the action. If light kissing is on the menu (and why not - this is sensual massage and the lips shouldn't be ignored) this stage is a good time for it. Since sensual massage is also about building on relationships, a little kissing between the providers can also do wonders here. Even three way kissing can be highly stimulating and not as silly as it sounds.

7. Front massage is similar to back massage though since we're now into oil perhaps gloves or fur are not as appropriate. Work from neck down to crotch with only a little light teasing of the privates. Kissing nipples might be nice along with some kissing between providers if that's on the menu. Massage of recipient's hands would come in sometime at this stage. Work up front of legs - lots of attention to the inner thighs - repeatedlly coming up to the groin with just a little teasing there is nice. During this stage it's nice if the providers allow/encourage light fondling of such areas as breasts, butts, and thighs. This encourages continued active interest by the recipient - we wouldn't want him falling asleep. LOL

8. Time now for the big fiinale. Just hands, hands and mouth with or without condom are all nice. four hands allow simultaneous attention to penis, and to scrotum - and don't forget the taint. A little kissing between providers and alternate mouth work on penis would be highly erotic to the watching recipient. Big climax could perhaps split the work of the providers with one concentrating on the penis and the other providing some mouth and tongue action and maybe some nipple sucking.

Well, that's my fantasy. Overly climical perhaps, but I've had some time now to embelish on it in my mind.

Comments welcome from both Escorts and Hobbyists.

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Hello World!

Anyone who'se done any C programming will recognize the title of my first hobbyist blog as the traditional output of the first program taught in most programming texts - so an appropriate first blog title.

Although I've dabbled at programming, professionally I'm a retired philosopher. Though only 55 in this incarnation, if family legend is to be credited I'm over 2500 years old being an incarnation of the ancient milesian philosopher Thales. Of course i don't hold any truck for that reincarnation bull, but then I wouldn't since the first Thales was a notorious sceptic.

I prefer the Greek pronunciation T'ha-lay but America being what it is I get a lot of Thales rhymes with Bales from my midwestern compatriots. The Miles in my name is a tradition in our family - deriving from the milesian home of old Thales himself. We'll get to the Petard part in a later Blog.

When I was a practicing philosopher - or at least on employed one - I didn't give much thought to sex - probably as a result of all the Plato I had absorbed in my career - though Plato gave sex plenty of attention in the Symposium! But after I retired a few years ago, my wife grew tired of my hanging around the house all the time and ordered me to get a hobby! Little did she know where that would lead.

In these blogs I'll be passing along some adventures I've had in the skin trade - especially those I've found amusing. So sometimes this will be history and sometimes current events.

I'll finish up here with my first "hobbyist" experience with an ASP (adult service provider). This was about twenty years ago when I first started teaching at the community college here in River City (not the real name but if you want to think of a mid-sized town in a mid-sized midwest state like Iowa the picture won't be far off). My wife had been left behind for six months to sell our house and wind up her job so I was batching it.

Although not all that interested in sex in those days I was intriqued with the half dozen or so ASPs (asian massage parlors) in River City - something not present in the much smaller town I came from. And set out to try out each one at about one a month.

In those days the ASPs passed muster by calling themselves Health Clubs and typically there was a dusty rowing machine just inside the door. In my first outing the massage was performed quite sensually by a minimally dressed, cute, young Asian woman with limited but adequate command of English.

One of my colleagues had told me that the drill was to quote a price that did not include a hand job happy ending, then to offer "more massage?" at double the price if you seemed to be an OK guy. When my massage had been moving along for about 30 minutes, I was asked if I was pleased - to which I promptly replied that I was. This resulted in much commotion included an appeal to the mama in charge. Seems that what she had actually asked was whether I was police! I did manage to talk my way out of the mess I had created, got my happy ending, and was even offerred a cup of tea by way of apology for the misunderstanding.

This was way before my much more active hobbyist days - but in retrospect was my first toe dabbling into the water of our hobby.

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