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Longer or Shorter...

Sorry writing so much, biz trip to SF, and mixed biz, convention, and mongering so time was of the utmost...First off, thank you Mimi, again for a fabu 2days with you, and thanks for making me feel like a million bucks...Mimi, not only sensuous, but warm and very intelligent.

Ok, longer or shorter...

If 1st time, shorter (IMHO) 60-90min. to get to know one another, get to see if you like or their is any chemistry.

But the longer, 2hr. minimum is all good...Really good, IMHO, b/c you both can get reaquainted, chat, maybe some drinks, LFK, DFK, caressing before you get to the multiple main events.

BUT, IMHO, again if the funds call for it go the longer;

dinner and dancing, overnight, day or so, even make a weekend. some of these ladies are amazing, if you get to know them on a perso level. Total GFE. If in the orient, around Singapore or such, see Jade T, you will not be disappointed.


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I'll say one thing though...

For the few of you who get to monger with a PSE for once in a lifetime, and if the funds can handle it, IMHO, do it...Life is short...Enjoy

I have had the most honor to monger keisha, fujiko kano, miko lee, kianna dior, ava devine, mimi miyagi who all were fabu...YMMV

keisha was my b-day gift a few yrs. ago, and actually was in hawaii in sept., and again had a great time.

Miko gotta be an alltime for me...she is a sweety.

FUN FUN FUn under the sun...

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LE ....

Really starting to get everyone from the SW to AMP to the providers weary of all the 5-0 here on the islands.

ladies starting to really take a hard look at every J they are meeting with.

Nothing new, with the elections right around the corner.

Welcome to paradise.

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1st blog...Hea

1st Blog...Feels good

One of the top areas for the mongerers. At times it gets frustrating posting on the others as well as WSG, USASG, TER, MPS, etc., etc.

In the Pacific, next to Diamond Head, overlooking the pristine ocean, the sea breeze, simply exotic, just doing the nasty...

Thanks Nani, had a great monday, and what a way to start the week...This exotic lady is one of a kind, mix of Eva Langoria-Parker, Selena, and a Bod of Raquel Darrian.

until then


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Longer or Shorter...

I'll say one thing though...

LE ....

1st blog...Hea

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