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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I'm looking over the mail today & I received a seasonal catalog from a boutique I normally shop at for some friends here & some friends in civieland. Well the problem is, it's solely a woman's product line & my gf hates the actual brand, so explaining why I'm getting mail from them sometimes back I simply shrugged it off & said that I was on some mailing list. Encounters are one thing, but buying gifts are a no-no rule. Thanks goodness I was able to prevent a problem before one began, but this was a close call. As I sit here, it finally dawned on me how I probably got on the list. I used the brand's online site for a gift to a friend here & that's how I got on the list. This was the type of thing that put the kibosh on my cousin's marriage when he was getting reward points from a hotel chain he never took his wife too. I teased him & told him how silly he was, & now I was close to a similar situation. Since I'm leaning close to marriage, I can't get lazy & sloppy when I breaking our ground rules. I want to walk away from this on my own terms & while the fun & little excitement that's still left is there. I think its about that time I began to look at an exit strategy sooner than planned. Some cosmic god must really like me b/c once again timing has saved me.

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