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Against All Odds

There are many type of qualities I'm drawn to, but the one that gets me every time besides loyalty & fearlessness, is the underdog. To see those people make it, really makes me happy, especially when I see the bitterness & envy rearing its ugly head, hoping for the presumed schedule downfall - it makes me cheer harder for their personal triumphs. When I see envy dressed in sheep's clothing or better yet as a "friend", I always wonder to myself " Who fucked you up & why haven't you received help for that obvious character flaw". The thing that makes negativity thrive is the refusal for positive change & wallowing in the pit of doom, but they are always on the lookout for new tenants.

I can't forget about the people, who took a chance on a possibly new situation & the end results had a miserable outcome, dust yourself off & continue to strive for your goals, don't let a situation or a person freeze you into time of that negative moment. As much as the naysayer's attempt to flock around you for comfort, like vultures at meal time, don't you dare give up. That's what they are waiting for. Others like myself will continue to root for you on the sidelines.

I will admit that most things in my life I haven't had to put forth much effort into achieving, except my career. Other people, who have similar backgrounds to me, are some pretty boring people when groomed for a particular lifestyle. My best & interesting life experiences have come from encounters w/ people whose upbringing was the polar opposite than mine. To the people who exposed me to different cultures & customs, you made my life very colorful & worth living, even including surviving crazy drama. The underdog's are some much better to be around, meaning they are usually humble & usually can't give two shits about a status label and very straight forward. To all the underdogs I met along the way, this entry is dedicated to you & to the underdogs I only know through the net, this is for you as well. I'm so happy for you & still cheering for you. In the words of Rob Schneider's character "YOU CAN DO IT" LOL

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