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Vegas Interrupted

Since this is a year of lasts for me & Vegas fight night was one of them, since you can't be in party mode all your life. I was looking so forward to my last fight night and of all places Vegas, one last debauchery for the road. There are other party cities in other countries, but you have to be on your best behavior when you are a visitor in another country. Jail sucks & from what I hear, a foreign jail would really suck.

A phone call from a buddy informed me that Floyd Mayweather announced his retirement. So I guess De La Hoya vs. Mayweather rematch is out of the question for this summer. I know I could still attend a boxing match without the other stuff, but that would take the fun away from a night out. It's like an alcoholic trying to keep their one month sobriety at a night club that only serves liquor or an other environment you are trying to move away from. I'll have to train myself to enjoy viewing the sport on TV. From what I gather, the retirement is b/c of the lack of passion for a sport he really loves.

One major thing I won't miss from FM is his arrogances. Even though I'm disappointed for my own selfish reasons, I get it, similar to my undecided feelings towards continuing to participate in the hobby. I know this isn't a quote unquote sport, but I believe the participants here have a cycle equivalent to an athlete that participates in professional sports. I guess I should count last May as my Vegas swan song. Who knows, I may change my mind as the summer progresses.

Side Bar: Since I've associated myself w/ quite a few motley crews, self-destruction is generally the underlining theme. Some of those moments were recorded & seeing them recently triggered my "Vincent" entry. So I'm fine, it wasn't a cry for help, I was just thinking of a person who self-destructed during that time in my life.

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