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Literally, all day today I've been sucked dry from an emotional draining individual. And I thought I would have the day to myself since yesterday, I didn't know my limit for drinking too many of my aunt's homemade limoncello, Ha silly me huh. Sponges or I should say emotional vampires is the New Age term nowadays. If there's a problem that needs to be solved, let me solve it or wallow in your own self made despair. Why include me in the pity party, I don‘t get it, but in reality I DO get it. I hate having my whole day ruined from this type of personality.

Feeling like this makes me feel like a caged animal, like I'm being pushed to the brink of me snapping off, then I'll be the bad guy, if I go w/ my gut reaction. I originally planned to blog about my hobby anniversary, but my mood is definitely not interested in that topic at the moment. There are some people I can be harsh with when pushed, & then there is small group I let run amuck. Time wasted is time you can never get back, & that's the part that anger's me the most. Appearing confident doesn't mean I have all the answers, that comes from making my own mistakes as well as watching others fall in the process. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself every once in a while b/c I get so surprised I'm still here, since others weren't as lucky. Well one thing I can say for sure, is tomorrow will be a much different day.

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