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Friday 13th

I have some down time before the consultant comes in to share some ideas of a better way to execute this project which is giving me the flux at the moment. Normally, I can listen to a different POV, but this guy's teeth are so distracting to me, it like I can't give him my full attention since they look like a dingy red/ coffee color. I feel like I want to tell him "Dude veneers should be the way to go".

Today is the thirteenth of Friday people are making such a big deal. I read this is the safest day since people tend to stay indoors because of the superstition. On days like this I've had some great days on the 13th & I've had some tragic, I don't believe it has to do with the day, its just the game of life.

I finally figured out a nice gift for Father's Day, even Mr. Serious would be happy & crack a smile.

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday...

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