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Gift Idea Stumped

I got a reality check phone call this morning, I've been so caught up w/ my own stuff, that it almost slipped my mind that Father's Day is this Sunday. I knows Dads don't get all the recognition including bells & whistles that is equivalent to Mother's Day. So when my brother asks what did I get, I'm silent on the phone, I can't believe I almost forgot. Me forgetting made my brother feel good about himself, like he got one over on me, in this score board in his head. I give gifts all through out the year, so I don ‘t feel too bad. When you have a father who doesn't openly express himself, gift searching is a heavy task in it self. Unlike my mother she will let you know exactly what she wants, I guess that's the thing that makes it work for them. And quite honestly, I feel that camping trip next month is a gift in itself. I may go the lazy route & get a gift card. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

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