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Things I learned from the last EB/HB party...

Some observations I made this time around...

  • If it's too chilly or too cold, a lady bartender in bra and panties WILL get dressed quicker than anticipated.

  • If a bathroom doorknob fails and sometimes doesn't wanna open, people WILL freak out if they are inside, alone or otherwise. . .

  • A roomful of people WILL cheer and applaud when two cats start to "make the love". . .

  • If only one lady plays with the stripper pole, it's no way the same as when two or more do. (We missed you Traci!)

Many thanks "again" to the regulars and this time around a whole bunch of new faces. We'll see most of you again at the next one I hope...

.... now back to what you were doing LOL

Blog posted 03/17/2008 @ 07:03 pm  |  4 Comments  |  Leave a Comment

Huge Police Bust!

Be careful out there!

Blog posted 03/10/2008 @ 11:33 pm  |  7 Comments  |  Leave a Comment

Snowy and Cold Outside..... HOT Inside!!!!

The snow complicated things a bit, and I did my best to have as much of it plowed and cleared away, but I don't think I hired the best person to do the job.... oh well, you get what you pay for.

To those who did come out in the snow and play..... I think it's safe to say we all had a pretty good time!

The stripper pole is still HOT to the touch, it's amazing the kinda action that long thick shaft got that night.

I don't think I should say a whole lot more describing the events that occured... I might be breaking the "guy code" as well as the "girl code" LOL

Let's just say:

What Happens At The Loft... Stays At The Loft"

Thanks to all who came by again, and it was nice to have a few more new faces this time around. There's a few new people I'm hoping to have attend the next one....

I had a blast and I think everyone else did too!

Seems I'm a little later than usual posting about the get-together. Had to say bye to a little friend this morning.....

Back to what you were doing.....

Blog posted 02/08/2008 @ 06:40 pm  |  6 Comments  |  Leave a Comment

1973...... Where were you???

Were you in school??

Were you in diapers???

Were you a twinkle in your parents eyes?


I was totally clueless after high school, BUT I was photographing rock'n'roll bands in Chicago and around the country for all kinda reasons....

Since Led Zeppelin did a reunion concert recently in London, I thought it might be cool to dip into the Kwasi archives (a bunch of boxes under the stairs really LOL) and scan some Led Zeppelin slides circa 1973, Chicago Stadium, when we all were young and had lotsa hair, etc.....


Jimmy Page

Robert Plant

The late Jon Bonham

Ah, the memories.....

Photographing a band at night, rushing home, developing film all night in a darkroom, making bunches of prints, sending them out FedEx hoping to be published someplace, somewhere....

Nowadays everyone just snaps a pic, and emails it somewhere instantly.

Rock On........

Blog posted 12/11/2007 @ 07:16 am  |  18 Comments  |  Leave a Comment



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Things I learned from the last EB/HB party...

Huge Police Bust!

Snowy and Cold Outside..... HOT Inside!!!!

1973...... Where were you???

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