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New Home New Website

Yes Yes I'm still alive!

Sorry to you all that I have not been blogging as much been busy getting settled in.

Recently I got sick of the pain in the rear update options with Myspace so I stopped updating that page.

My new website is:


Let me know what you think and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Blog posted 01/01/2008 @ 02:09 am  |  5 Comments  |  Leave a Comment

New British Series dedicated to the Hobbyist/Escort Lifestyle.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl

A friend of mine just sent me the first few episodes, I was wondering if any has seen this British Series?

I just finished watching episode #1 and I must say I am very impressed. The Series stars Billie Piper who stared in Dr Who. God bless the British for embracing the Hobbyist lifestyle, but the reason is obvious because the legal status in the UK is much more favorable than it is in the states. This is obviously going on my bittorrent download list because unfortunately Directv does not carry the ITV2 Network.

I highly recommend Hobbyists and Providers check out this series it is very funny, accurate with the lingo, and treats the lifestyle fairly at least it does so far!


Blog posted 11/09/2007 @ 02:10 am  |  3 Comments  |  Leave a Comment

Thank you everyone!

Some of you recently sent me email regarding Jasmine. Thank you all for your sympathy and understanding!

Just to update everyone my cross country tour will continue soon. The Car Wreck situation was taken care of and I never want to deal with car insurance companies ever again. My new glasses arrived and just to be safe I ordered a spare.

Needless to say I can't wait to get back on the road again!

Blog posted 10/16/2007 @ 04:57 pm  |  3 Comments  |  Leave a Comment

A beautiful funeral

I just returned from Jasmine's Funeral and it was very touching. The family knew me simply as a old boyfriend who remained close friends over the years. It hit me very hard when the family asked me to be a pallbearer, admitedly I am normally a very emotional person but it took me a long time to compose myself when they asked me. She had been in my arms many times and it seemed fiting that I carry her one last time.

I had not cried that hard at a funeral since my father passed away.

Blog posted 10/13/2007 @ 05:02 pm  |  7 Comments  |  Leave a Comment




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New Home New Website

New British Series dedicated to the Hobbyist/Escort Lifestyle.

Thank you everyone!

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