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All alone..

So recently I have found that my lifestyle choice has started to take its toll on me. I am divorced now for a few years and have sworn off relationships for good. That is how I became a hobbyist. It has introduced me to some amazing people that I adore, but has left me a very lonely person. I work 10 to 12 hours a day at my own business and have recently turned my hobby of cooking into a future career change. Some of you know that I had been going to school to be a chef. I also have finally done a tattoo on my back that I have wanted for a long time(picture below). I think my midlife crisis is here and I don't know how to embrace it. I will figure it out soon, I hope.

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First Blog.................

Well here we go. I thought about what to say in my first blog and decided on the topic of pictures. Most of us hobbyists won't go see a new provider unless we have seen a picture of her. The women hardly ever get a chance to know what we look like they just open that door not knowing what to expect. My hats off to you ladies.

To those of you I know, I am sorry it took so long to start this.

To those of you I don't know, there may be some crazy things said on this blog later on.

Blog posted 04/02/2008 @ 02:34 pm  |  12 Comments  |  Leave a Comment



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All alone..

First Blog.................

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