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How I started and where I am now...

I entered the hobby just about 3 years ago now. A point in my life where I obviously felt lonely enough to pay for some companionship. I pretty much knew nothing of the hobby or the lifestyle and that so many were involved.

I am not the proud hobbyist. I also never felt someone should have to pay for friends or companionship. It's a tough pill to swallow with those beliefs, and I had them. Over time, and as I got more involved, I started to understand why others do it. But for me, the money always seem to get in the way. I'm sure part of it is because I don't have the financial means to be involved like so many others do.

I spent a lot of money, way too much that year. I had lots of good times with girls that were really interesting. I was fortunate enough to spend extra time with some just talking and getting to know each other. I think for me, that was the hook more than the sex.

There came a point financially where I knew I had to stop. It was going to help with the demise of my business had I not stopped. The time I was taking away from my business was enough alone.

So, after about a year, I stopped big time. I see it as retirement, but who knows, I may be back. More about other reasons I though I should stop in a bit...

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How I started and where I am now...

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