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Coming and Going

The Toronto trip was fun, highlighted by great fellowship and good (albeit excessive) food.

However, coming back to the office today after being away since last Thursday has resulted in things being piled up. I'll try to work on them within these two days, because this Thursday my wife and I will start our annual two-week trip to the Pacific Northwest. We'll spend time in Seattle, where we will attend my niece's commencement at the University of Washington, in Vancouver, and on a four-day tour of the Canadian Rockies with some high-school friends.

Unfortunately, the chance to blog will be very limited - and, alas, calibacy will come with the territory.

Talking about calibacy, the New York Times had an article on something opposite - with the cute title of "Yes, Dear. Tonight Again." It describes two married couples who have experimented with having sex every day for an extended period of time and wrote about it. The husband of the couple who did it for 101 days has described it in his book "Just Do It." The wife of the other couple who did it for a year (as a "gift" from her) has just co-authored "365 Nights." Coincidentally, both books will be released on June 24, 2008. I must confess this is all Greek to me.

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