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Nothing Is Straitforward

Well, my new generator project turns out to invite other problems.

In testing the generator, they found that my central air-conditioner is old and does not have a delay. To avoid overtaxing the generator when it is first turned on, they had to install a delay. In doing so, they found a bad distributor box in the air-conditioner that needed to be replaced. As usual, the diagnosis took a long time. The one-day generator installation turned into a two-day affair, with additional cost of course.

While the generator saga was going on, my hot water heater developed a leak. I called Home Depot to get a replacement installed. Fortunately, they were able to send someone within a few hours.

Then, because of the generator, the Assistant Electrical Inspector of our Town paid us a visit. We did not pass inspection. There is nothing wrong with the generator or the electrical circuit. We have a smoke detector on the second floor and in the basement. We have a CO detector upstairs. But they want us to have a smoke detector in each bedroom and a CO detector on each floor. I'm sure most houses do not satisfy these conditions, but the Town will never know unless something (like my dumb generator project) triggers an inspection.

As they say, when it rains, it pours.

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