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I Should Be At Work

I'm stuck at home today because they are installing my generator - the one that is costing me an arm and a leg but hopefully I may never need to use. The work is a little involved because I need bigger gas lines in the basement.

I hate these unplanned disruptions in my routine. Normally, by this time I would have been in my office for over an hour. I would have had my first cup of coffee. I would have checked and answered my email and phone messages. I would have chatted with my colleagues and offered my opinion or encouragement on what they are working on.

Instead, I'm absent-mindedly "watching" this segment of the Today Show on lady's shoes for the summer, playing with my laptop, and trying to keep a casual eye on the guys installing the generator. I hope they know what they are doing - because I don't. And I have to calm the nerves of my wife, who hates disruptions even more than I do.

I miss my office!

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I Should Be At Work

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