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Flooding in Indiana

My parents are traveling in Scotland. It is probably a good thing they were not at home when their home flooded.

The road around the lake where they live was built at a level to protect the lake from a rising river. The road was just high enough that millions of acres of farm land would need to flood first, before the water would reach the road. Under those circumstances, it was unthinkable that the river could rise 20 feet. It rose 23ft.

When the road was breeched, it took 80 minutes for the lake valley to be filled in. Water rose at the rate of a foot every 4 minutes. As the water outside the homes rose to cover windows, the windows broke. At noon the day before, the valley outside the lake road was dry, so there wasn’t much panic, and certainly wasn’t much preparation. By Saturday night it was too late. The road breeched at 3am Sunday. No one had removed anything from their homes.

At the peek, the water level was 4 inches above the floor on the top level of their home. Now that the river level is down just a little, the road has once again opened. Unfortunately, that road that protected the lake valley is now serving to keep the valley full of water. With no power, portable generators and pumps will need to be brought in to slowly undo what nature did so quickly. Their house is still full of water, and will be for at least a week.

Mom and Dad are flying home Wednesday, and will stay with me for some time. My guess is that their house can’t be inhabited for 4 to 6 months, and that is only if contractors are available.

The loss we morn the most is the paper. Pictures of the family.

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