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Male Brazilians

OK, gals. Is this something we should consider? Presumably the hygene is better? Is it attractive to you? Will we just look silly?

From the following list of preparations and precautions I found on the net, it sounds a little like torture. Is this what all of you go through?

Dermadoctor’s 10 Commandments for men who opt for a Brazilian bikini wax.

1. Do not shave the treatment area for at least 10 to 14 days before you wax. If you do, the procedure hurts more; a lot more. Also, it’s not quite as effective as when the hairs are longer.

2. Pre-medicate about an hour before the procedure. No matter how macho you are, take your chosen pain reliever about an hour before your appointment.

For me, pre-op alone for a Brazilian wax involves taking at least three Advil’s, multiple deep breaths, experiencing several aborted panic attacks as well as mental exercises to distance myself from my body to deal with the pain and the utter shame that I will surely feel as the waxist molds me into certain, inhuman positions. I don’t do yoga, so my ankles do not hook behind my ears all that easily.

3. Shower and clean your entire body thoroughly before the appointment. It’s only fair. You will see what I mean as this service involves a certain amount of nudity and some very embarrassing positions.

4. Make sure to seek the services of a licensed esthetician who is trained in the Brazilian technique and regularly treats men. Calling first is a good idea.

5. Use a good body scrub between wax treatments to discourage in-grown hairs such as DERMAdoctor KP Duty Dermatologist Body Scrub with Chemical + Physical Medi-Exfoliation, Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Face & Body Polish, California North Gelskin Scrub and Neova Body Smoother.

6. Apply No Bump Skin Treatment after the procedure to the newly hairless area to stave off ingrown hairs which form when hairs, growing back after waxing, fail to grow out of the skin. The hairs curl over inside the follicles under the skin and create an unsightly "bump" that can be painful, if it becomes infected.

7. If a burn occurs, apply Vaseline or Polysporin Ointment or Neova After Shave Therapy to soothe the affected area.

8. You also may need some ibuprofen or aspirin after the procedure if your muscles are sore from the pretzel-like positions your body was molded into by your waxist/torturer.

9. If errant hairs appear, be ready to tweeze. You may need to purchase your own tweezer like Tweezerman Professional Beauty and Body Waxing Tweezer as your partner probably won’t want to share theirs. Can you really blame them?

10. It’s not over just because it’s over. As we women know, waxing may last longer than shaving – and I stress may – but that doesn’t mean you are free and clear of your hair-removal responsibilities for extended periods of time. Men too will probably need to wax every four to six weeks. So you may want to consider making your next appointment before you check out or else you will surely lose your nerve.

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