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Father's Day

As father's day dawns, I've been thinking about the signifcance of this day. Now that my daughters, for the most part, are grown and gone, my father's day celebration is limited to a card or a phone call. (Probably). My youngest is home for the summer, I don't know WHAT she'll have in mind.

I also was thinking about my father. He passed in October of 2004, not all that long ago. Like most men, I had a complex relationship with my Dad. There are a lot of questions I would have liked to have asked...but I suppose he wouldn't have had the answers. He was a classic member of the "Greatest Generation". He had the good fortune of not turning 18 till July of 1944, and then he went through Navy boot camp that winter.

An aside, spending a winter at Sampson in upstate New York probably wasn't all that much fun. Then, having gotten a posting to radio school, he was in Chicago on VJ day.

Anyway, I'm just seeing the connections, and am now noticing that I'm a lot more similar to him that I ever thought I would be. And, that isn't a bad thing.

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