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Things I've learned from Porn

I'm riffing off a TBD post by Kat from a week or two back to get this:

Here's what I've learned from watching Porn:

1. All women always have screaming orgasms.

2. A creepy guy can walk up to a hot woman in public and ask her to f***, and she'll always accept.

3. All men are capable of prolonging ejaculation for long periods of time, even 18 year olds.

4. Quality foreplay consists of a blowjob.

5. All men have huge penises, and all women have "D" cups or larger.

6. Teachers love to have sex with their students. No teacher would ever loose his or her job because of this.

7. No one ever uses a condom, even for greek.

8. All women love to have cum sprayed all over their faces and bodies.

9. A quality sexual encounter includes the man slapping his partner's butt until it turns red.

10. All breasts stick straight out in front, unless the woman is over 50 and fat.

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