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Father's Day

As father's day dawns, I've been thinking about the signifcance of this day. Now that my daughters, for the most part, are grown and gone, my father's day celebration is limited to a card or a phone call. (Probably). My youngest is home for the summer, I don't know WHAT she'll have in mind.

I also was thinking about my father. He passed in October of 2004, not all that long ago. Like most men, I had a complex relationship with my Dad. There are a lot of questions I would have liked to have asked...but I suppose he wouldn't have had the answers. He was a classic member of the "Greatest Generation". He had the good fortune of not turning 18 till July of 1944, and then he went through Navy boot camp that winter.

An aside, spending a winter at Sampson in upstate New York probably wasn't all that much fun. Then, having gotten a posting to radio school, he was in Chicago on VJ day.

Anyway, I'm just seeing the connections, and am now noticing that I'm a lot more similar to him that I ever thought I would be. And, that isn't a bad thing.

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Things I've learned from Porn

I'm riffing off a TBD post by Kat from a week or two back to get this:

Here's what I've learned from watching Porn:

1. All women always have screaming orgasms.

2. A creepy guy can walk up to a hot woman in public and ask her to f***, and she'll always accept.

3. All men are capable of prolonging ejaculation for long periods of time, even 18 year olds.

4. Quality foreplay consists of a blowjob.

5. All men have huge penises, and all women have "D" cups or larger.

6. Teachers love to have sex with their students. No teacher would ever loose his or her job because of this.

7. No one ever uses a condom, even for greek.

8. All women love to have cum sprayed all over their faces and bodies.

9. A quality sexual encounter includes the man slapping his partner's butt until it turns red.

10. All breasts stick straight out in front, unless the woman is over 50 and fat.

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I have mixed feelings about reviews. I suppose they have some value if they give a bit of flavor about the lady in question. YMMV is always the rule. Many reviews have the flavor of adolescent locker room talk, or Penthouse FORUM articles.

I've pretty much gotten to the point that I'll write reviews if the lady asks for one (they rarely do). Most ladies that I've been with have mixed feelings about them as well. They don't like guys who go into too much detail in their reviews, because then they feel like every new client will expect whatever it was that the reviewer said they did.

That being said, here's my one sentence review of my Friday afternoon:

Two hours with the incomparable Kat and Gemini. Need I say more?

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Wasting Time with Tom Lehrer

For those of you who are younger than us gentlemen of a certain age, you may have never heard of Tom Lehrer. Well, my daughter (grad student) informed me today that virtually all of the Tom Lehrer songs from the late 60's are recorded and available on Youtube. Go and do a search.

My favorites: New Math, Send the Marines (still surprisingly current), and SMUT. Some of them are black and white video clips from the TV show he was on, others have been animated or had more current slide shows added. ENJOY!

How about the rest of you? What are you favorites?

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