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Party time

The anticipation of a 'git-ta-gether' is a lot of the fun of the whole thing. 6 or 7 guys, 6 or 7 gals, a hotel suite and a few extra rooms. Wondering who will show, who won't, and thinking of all of the flesh that will be exercised over the course of 7 or 8 hours.

And of course wondering what stories will come out of the evening. Experiencing a new girl, and one that I haven't seen in quite a time. And of course all of the fun with the regulars who are always entertaining.

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The Woman

This is my first effort at "blogging". I am reluctant to use names but since I know what an exabitionist this woman is, this woman is HOT, I expect that she will add her comment and "expose herself" for the world to know, but I won't give her the satsfaction of exposing her. I will wait until the time comes that I can do it in person

As the woman entered the elevator of the man's hotel, she felt that stir, wondering what was in store this time. She well remembered their first meeting in this same hotel a couple of years earlier. Her instructions had been to arrive at his room and prepare herself for his arrival.

"Preparation" had meant being naked, a large butt plug in place, earplugs, blindfold, and handcuffs. She was unaware that the man had watched her every move as she prepared herself, via a video camera that he had hidden in the room. She remembered the man announcing his presence by a hard open hand, slapping her breast with such force and shock that left her on the floor.

The next hour had been consumed by the man trying to get her to use her safe word to make him stop. But that was not her way. She had endured all that the man had dealt her, including his latex gloved fist in her ass where the butt plug had been. But the surprise of the evening had come when 45 minutes or so into the ordeal, the woman had felt a mouth on her body in a place that she knew could it not have been that of the man. That shock had been as exciting as the breast slap that had started the evening. It had been "O", and the woman knew, that "O" loved making the woman happy. From that point in the evening the focus had shifted from the man debasing her to everyone in the room concentrating on bring pleasure to the others. And finally at 4:30 in the morning when the woman had to leave to go to another man's hotel room, the man was still fucking "O" in the next room.

The woman's thoughts now turned to just two weeks earlier at a party. The man had given her a taste of his cock. As she had entered the bathroom to urinate, he had followed and while she sat on the commode, he had unzipped and fed her. This had caused her to anticipate what she might get from him later in the evening. The party had been a great success. But the closest she got to having the man that evening was when she watched him fuck The new girl from behind while The new girl sucked "O"'s husband.

It occurred to the woman that the man had withheld himself from her as a devious way of showing her that he was in charge of the situation. She knew in her own mind that she was the hottest woman at the party, but the man had for the most part ignored her other that the very short time that he had teased her in the bathroom. And that had been while she was urinating. Did the man think that that was a control point also, to make her suck him while she pee'd.

Tonight she was not going to be ignored by this man. He had left her instructions on her voice mail about where to find the key to his room. She would quietly enter the room, undress, and slip into the man's bed, hopefully while he still slept. She knew that the man had used her as a submissive, probing and violating her. He had tried to best her by ignoring her and even fucking several women in her presence. Tonight it was going to be different. Tonight she was going to show the man her talents as a lover. It would be her mouth and hands and breasts on every inch of his body using every method she knew to bring him to new heights. And she hoped that her reward would be having that cock, the one he deprived her of two weeks earlier.

A woman... what a terrible thing to waste. :)

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