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Is it over yet?

I am sick of being inundated by political commercials, mailers and automated phone messages regarding the political race for Congress in the 14th district of Illinois.

I think the phone messages aggravate me the most. I can ignore TV and radio spots, immediately recognize political mailers and consign them to the recycle bin, but I have to pull up my messages just in case it's someone I really want to hear from.

I am so weary of messages that sometimes extoll the virtues of a candidate, but most often denigrate the qualities of the opponent. "Don't vote for him because he'll raise your taxes, give all your money away, move a family of illegal immigrants into your spare bedroom, and...and...oh yeah...he smells funny, too! Yeah..that's it!

Thank God we can actually vote today for the candidate we dislike the least.

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A Review

This morning I had the honor to be the one to lead a lady through her very first experience. I am still tingling from the encounter. I arrived at her incall and was met by a lovely, but, understandbly nervous and anxious newbie.

We began slowly with me explaining the basic requirements to ensure a mutually rewarding encounter for both. I told her to find a position from which she could be comfortable moving from one moment to the next without an ungainly extension of limbs.

Safety is all important and we musn't neglect that aspect as well. And so we begin. Not too fast..let it build slowly. No need to "rev the engine" right from the start. We moved forward and back in an initially uncertain rhythym that grew more and more steady as time passed.

Her fingers caressed the stick, at first tentatively and with little refinement. As her confidence grew, that too, became more skilled as she moved it first this way and then that. I knew she was becoming more relaxed and excited as a rosy glow blushed her cheeks and her eyes glistened with passion.

At this point we moved to a somewhat larger venue expanding on her blossoming skills swooping back and forth with abandon. We would stop from time to time to recoup and catch our breaths. It was almost tantric with the ebb and flow of deep emotion.

When finished we were both hot, sweaty and exhausted from the intensity of our shared experience. We realized we were famished and went to a local restaurant to replenish needed energy and ended up spending a delightful afternoon regaling each other with stories about our lives.

The above is a fantasy review about my experience guiding a truly wonderful and extraordinary woman through her first ever driving lesson. She is not a dewy eyed teenager but a lady well into her 30's who was nervous and anxious about doing this for the very first time.

The lesson took place in two different parking lots that were fairly deserted and she rose admirably to the occasion. She overcame her doubts and improved her skillsets throughout the entire lesson.

There is something both exhilarating and intimidating about sharing a first time experience with another person regardless of what it may be. I am very glad to have been part of hers.

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High Water Bills

At last! A reason for putting down the toilet seat that we can actually understand.


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I have a question for the computer savvy out there. Is your ISP address specific to the computer you are using and it's location or is it specific to your internet provider?

For instance, if I were to buy a new computer would I have a new ISP even though I used the same provider?

Sorry if this seems like a dim bulb question. I suppose after 15 years of using computers at home and work I should know this. But...no.

Blog posted 02/29/2008 @ 07:33 am  |  4 Comments  |  Leave a Comment



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