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A wasted excuse

I don't hobby very often in the evening, primarily because it's hard for me to come up with a believeable excuse for my spouse. But there are occasions, usually involving travelling escorts, when an evening date is the best time to meet. This was the case last week when I scheduled a date with someone with whom I had had a great time in the past. I came up with a great excuse and was all set to party; I even had a nice bottle of wine along to give her.

Alas, our date was last Wednesday when Chicago received a rare April snowstorm, causing her flight to be cancelled. She left a message on my cell phone letting me know and suggesting we reschedule for the next evening. At first I didn't think I could make the time suggested and emailed her to that effect. She left another message saying she'd arrived just as I was calling *her* to say I could meet with her the following evening after all. This message seemed to imply we could meet after all, so I drove to her incall, got there in plenty of time, but never heard back from her. I waited around for awhile, not wanting to arrive home too early and having to explain why. The frustrating thing is I can't use this excuse again for a long time.

Despite subsequent phone calls and emails, I never heard back from her on rescheduling, either by phone or email. Communication can be so frustrating with these travelling ladies sometimes!

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Provider websites with no rate info

<Rant on>What's with providers having a website with no rate information? I see this on Eros ads all the time (as a rule of thumb I tend to avoid providers who advertise only on Eros unless they have rave reviews from known and respected hobbyists) but saw one recently for Sterling St John (formerly Sedona Weaver). I'm not gonna email or call them for their rates; too awkward. So my mantra (and I know others feel the same way) is always, No rate, no date.</Rant off>

Blog posted 04/04/2007 @ 12:01 pm  |  7 Comments  |  Leave a Comment

Animal lovers make great lovers

Actually, most animal lovers are nice people who have the potential to be great lovers. I remember corresponding with a couple of providers, one of whom was in a Nevada brothel, who have told me that they felt confident that we would get along since I was a cat lover. I suppose it's because being owned by a cat (or owning a dog) makes one sensitive, gentle and caring. That's true of providers, too. Now that I think of it, just about all my favorite providers have cats or dogs.

This idea came to me this morning as I left the house after I had made an emergency trip to the vet with my oldest cat. We are so close to each other, I love him probably more than most humans, and I've come to realize how much I'll miss him when he leaves this life. In case you're wondering, I think he'll be okay for awhile. If you have pets, you must realize that sooner or later they'll die leaving you with only memories, so appreciate the time you have with your companion animals and give them big hugs and pets while you still have the chance to let them know how much you love them.

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Nervous over a first date

Rowsdower's description of what he does prepping for a provider date pretty much describes what I do: shower, shave, make sure my rear end and genitals are extra clean, put on fresh deordorant, brush my teeth, put on clean clothes and underwear, then pop a couple of breath mints right before going up to her room. If it's an evening date after work, I'll bring along a washcloth and soap to freshen up.

If it's someone I haven't seen before, I get a little nervous. Funny, I know very well this isn't a civilian date, but I still want to make a good impression, want her to like me and have a good time. Granted, I'm not so nervous that I'm shaking or anything, but I just feel a little anxiety.

Then when I get to her room, I tend to go with the flow. If she wants to sit and talk for several minutes, that's fine. OTOH if she's like Bebedoll and starts undressing me as soon as she shuts the door, that's fine with me too! If her website or reviews indicate, I'll bring a bottle of wine as a gift; most providers will offer to open it right away and offer me a glass. It's a nice way to break the ice. Believe it or not, sometimes I decline if I have to show up at work right after the date.

Above all, I want to please her as much as she wants to please me. I get turned on when my partner is experiencing pleasure as well as me. Otherwise, I could just invest in a blowup doll.

Blog posted 04/02/2007 @ 03:19 pm  |  2 Comments  |  Leave a Comment



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