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I know a guy, sort of a cross country co-worker, who gets tickets to The Masters every year. It took him 10 years on the waiting list to get them and was told it usually takes about 15 years waiting. He told me the secret, he found out one of the secretaries names who handles the paperwork for Augusta National. He would then send her a case of 10 year old scotch every year 2 weeks before The Masters.

I would love to just once in my life attend The Masters, but I don't think I could afford to go every year. I think next year I will plan out a golf vacation probably in Hawaii or Myrtle Beach. Heck, in the back of my mind I had thought about even going to Ireland or Scotland also.


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Love, my own opinion

I am of the opinion that there is no such thing as "Love". It is a made up term to define the yearning for not wanting to be alone. There is a burning lust for another person's body and affections, but I feel the love people have for one another is a manifestation of trying to prevent being afraid of being alone.

I have looked upon my life and relationships over the last few years and have found this "hobby" (for lack of better word, Chief) is well suited to what I want in my life. I have no need or want of a "normal" girlfriend, been there and don't want that. I don't need calls to work just to chat, or nagging about what time I am going to be home. I don't want to change anything about who I am or how I live my life in order to compromise with how someone else lives their life. I am the type that truly does like being alone. I have friends and family I see and go out with when in the mood to be around others, but for the most part I like being with myself.

I feel as though my ATF (I like that term, Chief) is my girlfriend. She makes me feel good, I get sexual release with her, and I give her sexual release. My "hourly girlfriend" (maybe use HG instead of ATF?)has fit my style better than any other I have had. I don't get unwanted phone calls, I don't have to call her unless I want to see her. We have a good time together and then we go our seperate ways.


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Longing for warm weather

I have been yearning to get out and play some golf. I didn't play much last year as I didn't have a steady golf partner. This year I won't care so much and go out alone a lot if I have to. Not too many people I know even care for the game so much. To be honest neither did I until my 20th H.S. reunion. It was set up to play 9 holes the evening before the reunion dinner and I thought why the hell not, so I can spend a bit more time with old friends. Since then I was hooked.

A side effect of the cold winters and staying indoors a lot is the "hook" of computer gaming. I get addicted all over again to them (WoW in particular) and find myself in front of the computer a bit more than I should be. Once it warms up though I will be getting outside a lot more often.


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I am a long time Vikings fan, and when the Vikes didn't make it to the playoffs I then had hoped that Favre would pull a "Elway" type retirement year. Now with the Packers gone, I think the way it will happen will be the undefeated year. I think the Pats will beat the Giants and become the first 19-0 team and the second team since the Superbowl era to go undefeated all season.

I got all my snacks bought today and ready for Sunday. I have to work Saturday, but Sunday will be a kick back, lounge around on the couch, and engross myself in the spectacle that is Superbowl Sunday. I think the game will be very interesting (unlike so many of the recent Superbowls) with the battle of the Giants defense against the highest scoring offense in the NFL. I truly think the one aspect that will be the biggest decider in this game will be special teams.

I also look forward to the commercials every year. Some have been very humorous and other total "groaners", but all have entertained. Just going to be a do nothing, layed back, lazy, couch potato, junk food filled layabout this Sunday.


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