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I have been a hobbyist for quite some time. Since 1989 to be exact. With the advent of the internet the hobby has changed quite a bit. Craigs List Erotic section along with national and local boards have made the hobby more of a community affair and less the solo one. I am a member of most boards out there as I travel frequently and have hobbied in 48 states.

I have decided to throw my hat in the ring when it comes to boards with a slight twist to the typical hobby board. I am working on regional local boards that feed the hobby from a low to moderate pooners budget. There seems to be plenty of attention and marketing around high end escorts and agencies and out side of CLERS there is no real free forum for the independent girls and the guys that like to see them with out risk of being robbed as is the style of CLERS.

I started with working on a Pacific Northwest board called TNAB http://www.tnaboard.com, and expanded it to Phoenix http://www.thephoenixboard.com. I have others 20 to be exact in development and am excited by the success so far.

All of the boards so far a typical boards that allow ads, reviews, blogs, chat, and discussions. All free to the public and paid for by affeliate marketing. It will be interesting if my theory that local level boards with a branded look and feel will grow with a national board that serves them under an umbrella style management. Only time will tell. Either way I get great pussy at great prices. LOL

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